I am a self-taught artist and photographer based in Austin, Texas.  For years I have enjoyed the complete emotional freedom and therapeutic benefits of creating visual art.

As a child, growing up in Philadelphia, I was artistically inspired by comic books and movies. I began using art as a way of expressing my own imaginative visions and ideas. After moving to Texas, my evolution as a young artist was catalyzed by my immersion into an advanced high school art curriculum. There, I was encouraged to experiment with several artistic styles and mediums.  I not only gained a greater appreciation for art and art history, but I eventually realized that I was no longer limited to Bic pens, no.2 pencils and notebook paper.

Today, I work with everything from oil paints to pastels. I am, however, most comfortable when manipulating graphite. This is evident in much of my recent work, where I meticulously blend graphite with other mediums to create unique and vibrant works of art.